Marilyn Monroe and Wine

Marilyn Monroe Model

Marilyn Monroe Model at Tasting Event

Several years ago I was introduced to Marilyn Wines while hosting a “Thirsty Girl” event.  Buyers came flocking in to buy the latest release of the Marilyn Merlot.  It is interesting to note that only a few of the buyers actually drink the wine themselves.  Most are collectors – each year has a different image of Marilyn, are priced around $20-30 (depending on the wine rating), and prices of past vintages have increased dramatically.  Another reason that buyers rarely drink the wine themselves, is that they offer them as gifts for important events.


Marilyn Wines

Marilyn Wines

The line of Marilyn Wines began with Marilyn Merlot.  The line has expanded over the years to include Norma Jeane, Sauvignon Blonde, Blonde de Noirs, Marilyn Cabernet Sauvignon, and Marilyn Meritage. The release date of all wines is always June 1st – Marilyn’s birthday and each vintage usually sells out rather quickly.

As with celebrity labeled collectible wines, reviews of the taste of the wines are mixed.  Usually more on the side of better to collect the bottles than to actually drink it.


Happy B-Day Marilyn!

Happy B-Day Marilyn!

June 1st, 2013 would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 87th birthday.  An iconic star of epic proportion, lived a tumultuous life.  Her mother suffered from extreme mental distress, so Marilyn eventually became a ward of the state, and then foster child. During that time she was sexually assaulted in several foster homes.  During her life, she had several marriages, and several miscarriages. The final years of Monroe’s life were marked by illness, personal problems, sleeping pills, alcohol, and a reputation for unreliability and being difficult to work with.  She died at age 36 of a probable suicide.

Marilyn Monroe Photo Shoot

Marilyn Monroe Photo Shoot

As I read the draft of this post, I realized its somber tone; however, as popular and iconic Marilyn was, her life was rather tragic.  Truly great celebrities live on after death, as she does.  Rest in peace sweet Marilyn.



Kay Zink Honored as a Thursday Thirsty Girl

Kay Zink (MOI!) was inducted into the Thursday’s Thirsty Girls this week.

Read on Thirsty Girl’s website, FB, and Twitter.  Links are below:!/beathirstygirl/status/137229524785053697

I am now an honoree of the fan-tabulous Thirsty Girl association which was co-founded  by Leslie Sbrocco and Gail Spangler.  I had the great opportunity to meet Leslie (the front end of Thirsty Girl) in Dallas earlier this year – my, is she a hoot!  In a very good way.

I also had the great opportunity to later host the Dallas Marilyn Merlot event by Thirsty Girl and Sigel’s.

I am thrilled, delighted and grateful!  Thank you TG!





Thirsty Girl’s Marilyn Merlot Wine Tasting

Thirsty Girl, Sigel’s, and Marilyn Wines went all out to create a night to remember.  Marilyn wines produces many different wines including Sauvignon Blonde and Marilyn Merlot.  The Marilyn Merlot 2009 is the 25th anniversy wine that they have released.  Many are collectors of the Marilyn wines, so few have had the opportunity to taste it, even the people who sell it!  We tasted Sauvignon Blonde 2010, Marilyn Merlot 2009, Marilyn Merlot 2008, and Norma Jeane 2010.  It was held at Sigels on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, TX.  Sigel’s was so thrilled with the amount of people who attended, they told us they would love to do many more FREE tastings for Thirsty Girl.  Yee-Haw! (as we say in Texas).

A company called Rock Stars provided us with a model dressed as Marilyn, and of course, she was a great hit.  Gorgeous girl and really worked the crowd.

The main event for the evening was the drawing for diamond earrings (the winner must wait until later this month to find out if they won the faux or real diamonds) – diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend!

Fun was had by all.  Here are a few pictures from the event.


Marilyn Monroe (er…Merlot) Coming to Dallas

Marilyn Wines traces its origins to 1981, when a small group of friends started
making wine at their home near St. Helena in the Napa Valley. Over the 25 years,
continuing acclaim from critics, collectors, and lovers of fine wine have led to
the production of Marilyn Merlot, Norma Jeane Merlot and the Velvet Collection.

Join Sigels, Marilyn Wines, Thirsty Girl, and Kay Zink of A to Zinfandel as we host a tasting of the latest releases of Marilyn Wines portfolio.

Known for their Marilyn Merlot, a spin on the iconic Hollywood blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Wines celebrates their 25th Anniversary this year by releasing a special edition. The 2009 Merlot comes in a special screen-printed bottle highlighted with a silver signature and 1950s publicity photo of Marilyn Monroe at her best. The tasting is an opportunity to sample collectible Marilyn Wines at no charge and purchase the wines as gifts, to stock a cellar, or simply to uncork and enjoy.

Wines to be tasted include: Norma Jeane Merlot 2010, Marilyn Merlot 2009, and Marilyn Merlot 2008. In a nod to one of Marilyn’s most famous screen songs – Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend — attendees at the event will have a chance to win a pair of either real or faux diamond earrings. This special 25th Anniversary Tasting will be held in six cities across the country (Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco & Los Angeles). Four of the cities will feature a giveaway of faux diamond earrings, while one special city will feature real diamonds.